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This week we will be having a QUICK Roundup of The Season 12 Cast of Rupauls Drag Race.

over the last 2 weeks the queens have started to disappear from social media. This is in preparation for the start of season 12 of DRAG RACE. We have a rundown of the expected season 12 queens. Where they are located across America and also some snippets of information about each queen.  As we are now getting into season 12 most spoilers/rumours tend to be accurate. The person leaking season 12 cast has leaked the last few season of RPDR, as well as the ALL STARS 5 cast and other All Stars season.

Filming of season 12 of drag race has started and this video will showcase the queens that are highly expected to be in season 12 official cast.

This year the season 12 cast seems to consist of a higher number of New York queens than ever before.  We have some showgirl queens, social media queens and pageant queens this season.

Check the queens out on their social media.

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